Gain Canvas Mastery and Certification

Love using Canvas? We invite you to deepen your Canvas knowledge and officially become a Certified Canvas Educator. Take a series of online courses designed to strengthen your hands-on experience teaching with Canvas as you learn pedagogical best practices for online and blended learning.


Certify Your Expertise on Everything Canvas

Experience first-hand the journey of moving through a learning progression with proven frameworks, models, and instructional practices anchored in research. With customized content for K–12 and higher education, you’ll learn what it takes to create responsive learning environments.

Program Benefits


Learn to create engaging and responsive learning environments in Canvas.

Leverage technology to effectively align and target learning goals.

Gain a deep understanding of the interdependence between context, content, and instructional practice for integrated learning experiences.

Assess learning shifts from teacher-directed learning practices to student-directed personalized learning practices.

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Program Details


Earning the program certificate requires completion of four core courses and two elective courses taught in Canvas by the Canvas Learning Services team.

Each course takes approximately four weeks to complete.

A series of K–12 or higher ed course electives can be selected by participants based on their interests and needs.

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Program Overview

Core 1: Foundational Frameworks

Explore the impact of technology on student learning and the classroom and how Canvas can help improve student achievement, motivation, and engagement.

Core 2: Engagement Strategies

Leverage strategies that enhance engagement, motivate learners, and create a progression toward learning goals, as you learn to maximize the impact on student achievement.

Core 3: Personalized Learning

Create opportunities for student voice and choice within the learning environment. Making the shift to a student-centered approach means thinking differently about the role of the learner from receiver of learning to active participant.

Core 4: Transformational Practices

Deepen your experience with these digital learning tools that enhance learning in Canvas as part of its dedication to open standards.