Engaging, Effective Employee Training Software

Canvas for Corporate Education is a dynamic set of learning and development tools that helps companies deliver employee training and engagement at any scale. With Canvas LMS, employee trainers and learning developers can easily create courses and integrate the systems they need to support employees across the entire organization.

Big Wins With Canvas

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Deliver Unforgettable Employee Training

Incorporate interactive video, targeted feedback loops, and mobility into your onboarding and ongoing employee training programs, and integrate your current training tools.

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Build Excellent Leaders

Through ongoing leadership training and deliberate practice, help individual contributors develop the managerial skill sets to lead teams and meet business needs.

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Develop & Fulfill Employees

Retain valuable employees by offering development opportunities that support their personal goals and long-term career objectives.

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Impact the Bottom Line

And don't just do it. Show it. Demonstrate how aligning individual, team, and company goals improves retention, increases efficiency, and drives business results.

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Become "Learning Native"

Make learning an inherent part of your organization by forming a digital learning foundation—one that's reliable, scalable, hyper-secure, and open to integrations.

Canvas Products for Learning

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Canvas LMS

Fully SaaS learning management software that streamlines interaction and builds strong interpersonal connection, whether in person, fully online, or blended. It's the digital campus and classrooms for your corporate university.


Canvas Catalog

A simple, modern, and consistent way for trainers and learners across the globe to present, curate, and access training and development content.


Canvas Studio

A next-generation video learning tool that turns one‑way, passive video into inclusive, engaging, productive professional development.

Canvas Credentials

Create skills-based credential systems that connect your employees to new opportunities through secure, portable, and shareable digital credentials.

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