Canvas isn’t just a product. It’s a breath of fresh air. It’s an educational revolution. It’s a powerful new way to—pardon our optimism—change the world. It’s a rapidly growing company with an industry-pushing platform, hundreds of talented employees, and millions of passionate students and teachers. And, sure, there’s also a pretty incredible product in there, too.


Choosing an LMS for all the right reasons.

Canvas users tell us that choosing the right LMS begins with usability. When teachers and students want to use their LMS, they have a richer learning experience.


From kindergarten through 12th Grade: Making every classroom a digital classroom.

Using Canvas from kindergarten through 12th grade helps equip students from Naperville Community Unit School District 203 with digital skills they’ll need for life.

Take Canvas for a test drive with our free, two-week trial account. It’s pre-loaded with course content to help you explore and hit the ground running. Try it.

Choosing an LMS comes
down to 3 simple questions.

1. Will it get used? 2. Will it adapt to your needs? 3. Is it reliable?

No matter which LMS you choose, if it doesn’t get used, then what’s the point? All the features in the world mean nothing if no one uses them.

The best platform allows your institution to expand and adopt new technologies as they surface, which is just another reason we believe you’ll find that Canvas is the best choice.

Canvas is native cloud, reliably hosted on Amazon AWS, which processes more than a million requests per second with 500,000+ servers.


And, because we love you and we want you to choose Canvas, we’ve created a simple chart to help you compare Canvas to ol’ what’s-their-names. Check it out HERE.


Are you ready for Student-Centered Learning: The Musical? We hope so. Because, as you can see, it’s our theme for InstructureCon 2015, destined to go down in history as the year we all dug a little deeper into student-centered learning. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll all spontaneously break into song. You never know. Jazz hands sold separately.

Canvas App Center.

The Canvas App Center is your gateway to a world of powerful teaching tools. Even the least tech-savvy teachers can easily browse a library of LTI tools and install them in a single click—no IT help necessary. Open the door to a truly custom teaching experience and more possibilities with Canvas App Center.

Lossless Learning
begins with connected
F2F technology.

What if you could combine the ease and efficiency of online learning with the magic of a face-to-face environment? By addressing the causes of wasted time and missed learning objectives in F2F instruction, our Lossless Learning Initiative turns the “what if” into “here’s how.” Learn more (literally).

$100k in Grants. 100% for Lossless Learning.

Have you ever wished you could transform education by empowering teachers and students to learn and do more? For the second year in a row, we’re granting your most inspired wishes for K-12 and higher education with Canvas Grants totaling $100k. And this year, we’re investing 100 percent of that $100k for your 15 most innovative ideas to help find, understand, and address the causes of lossy learning.

A new LOR that will
actually get used.

The landscape is littered with LORs galore, bouncing dustily across education like purposeless tumbleweeds blown by the winds of indifference. If no one cares about the LOR, if no one uses it, if no one even wants to try to use it, then who’s it helping? Just like we did with Canvas, with Canvas Commons, we set out to change things, to make it all easier. A lot easier. And by doing so, we believe—just like we believed with Canvas—that a simpler, smarter LOR will be the LOR that gets implemented, used, and loved (typically in that order). This is a LOR done different. Done right.