Announcing the 2014 Canvas Grant Winners!

We’re sure you’ve been sitting on pins and/or needles, wondering who our expert panel of judges chose to receive the $100k we put up for anyone willing to try to innovate in education. Who are these visionaries and difference-makers? And what are their big ideas? Well, wonder no more because here they are: the education-innovating, difference-making, paradigm-shifting, grant-winning ideas for both Higher Ed and K-12. Learn more >

What’s Happening Now

Instructure Calls for Collaboration in Education With New SIF Integration
for Canvas LMS
SALT LAKE CITY (April 10, 2014) – Instructure made an appeal for greater collaboration among education technology vendors with its announcement today of a new service that simplifies the integration of its Canvas learning management system with K-12 student databases. Built on the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF), an industry initiative that promotes data compatibility across a variety of applications and products, Instructure's free, open-source service will streamline grading, evaluations and other functions that rely on student information systems (SIS). Read more
From Interstates to iPads: Mobility MattersThe year was 1956. After decades of research and planning, President Eisenhower signed into law a bill that would forever change the face of transportation on the American continent. The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 jump started the Interstate Highway System that would serve as an important foundation for future growth. Fast forward 50 years and it’s hard to imagine where’d we be without the access and efficiency of this extensive transportation network. Read more
Bay Path College Launches on Canvas Network its First MOOC to Enrich Women’s Leadership ConferenceLONGMEADOW, Mass. — April 3, 2014 — Bay Path College is pleased to announce the launch of “Advancing Women’s Leadership Series: Own Your Story,” a massive open online course (MOOC) on Instructure’s Canvas Network that will serve as a companion piece to Bay Path’s upcoming Women’s Leadership Conference. Delivered by The American Women’s College at Bay Path — the first fully online accelerated degree program only for women — the MOOC dovetails with the event, which will feature journalist Lara Setrakian, New York Times Columnist Bruce Feiler and the iconic Barbara Walters. Read more