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Canvas Network Announces Minecraft MOOCs and App

SALT LAKE CITY — August 12, 2014 — Learning technology company Instructure, the creator of the Canvas learning management system for K-12 and higher education, today announced a major new experiment in K-12 learning by unveiling a suite of more than 15 MOOCs for teachers, students and even parents on its Canvas Network platform. The most ambitious collection of K-12 MOOCs to date, the suite includes two Minecraft MOOCs that aim to help teachers leverage gamification best practices in the classroom. Enrollment is free and open for registration for anyone in the world at

If you’ve ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure book, then you know how awesome it is to make choices in what’s usually a static environment that lead to dynamic, customized outcomes. And that’s just what it was like (minus the dinosaurs and the time travel) for participants in the third cohort of BlendKit 2014, an open online course recently hosted by Canvas Network.

In the early days of the Web, designers had to choose between image quality and speed, because even with your dial-up modem blazing at 56k, it took forever to load high-res images (and even low-res images). So speed came at the cost of fidelity, and we ended up with a lot of grainy GIFs or chunky JPGs like the image to the right.

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