Hundreds of features. All working together.To help make teaching and learning easier.

It’s simple. The best tools are the ones that just work. The best customer service is the one you never (or rarely) have to use. The best technology knows it’s a means to an end and behaves accordingly. That’s why at Canvas we keep it simple. We believe in easy-to-use, intuitive features that simply do what they’re supposed to do. It all comes down to our core goal: to make teaching and learning easier. You can have the sexiest, most cutting-edge features in the world, but if they don’t make teaching and learning easier, then what’s the point?

Less time. Less effort. More awesome.

Canvas demands half the time and half the effort while giving you and your students twice the awesome. (All numbers are unscientific approximations. After all, how exactly do you measure awesome?) It’s our goal at Canvas to make teaching and learning easier and part of that is wasting less of your time and effort trying to get your LMS to do what it should just do.

Canvas App Center

1-Click access to LTI Tools.

Graphic analytics reporting engine

Canvas Analytics helps you turn rich learner data into meaningful insights to improve teaching and learning.

Integrated media recorder

Record audio and video messages within Canvas.


Connect each learning outcome to a specific goal, so results are demonstrated in clearly measurable ways.

Automated tasks

Course management is fast and easy with automated tasks.

Notification preferences

Receive course updates when and where you want—by email, text message and even Facebook.

SpeedGrader annotations

Preview student submissions and provide feedback all in one frame.

Ease of use

A familiar, intuitive interface means most users already have the skills they need to navigate, learn and use Canvas.

iOS and Android

Engage students in learning anytime, anywhere from any computer or mobile device with a Web-standard browser.

User-customizable navigation

Canvas intelligently adds course navigation links as teachers create courses.

RSS Support

Pull feeds from external sites into courses and push out secure feeds for all course activities.

Download and upload zip files

Work in Canvas or work offline—it’s up to you.


Grade assignments in half the time.

Draw students in. And keep them in.

To reach students, you’ve got to go where they are—on the online platforms and communication channels where they hang out. And you've got to speak their language, engaging them with personalized notifications, realtime feedback, multimedia content, and much more. And when students are truly engaged, they learn more and perform better, which is the point, right?


Introduce yourself to classmates with a Canvas profile.

Audio and video messages

Give better feedback and help students feel more connected with audio and video messages.

Multimedia integrations

Insert audio, video, text, images and more at every learning contact point.

Empower groups with collaborative workspaces

By using the right technologies in the right ways, Canvas makes working together easier than ever.

Robust course notifications

Receive course updates when and where you want—by email, text message and even Facebook.


Engage students in learning anytime, anywhere from iOS or Android, or any mobile device with a Web-standard browser.

Turn students into creators

Students can create and share audio, video and more within assignments, discussions and collaborative workspaces.

Web conferencing

Engage in synchronous online communication.

Open API

With its open API, Canvas easily integrates with your IT ecosystem.

Browser Support

Connect to Canvas from any Web-standard browser.

LTI Integrations

Use the tools you want with LTI integrations.

Modern Web standards

Canvas is built using the same Web technologies that power sites like Google, Facebook and Twitter.