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Take a deep-dive into ebooks and buyer guides designed to make teaching and learning easier. These resources provide more in-depth information on the solutions and products we offer. Learn how our solutions make educators more effective and get pro-tips on how best to use our products.

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Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Reimagining K-12 Education: Insights for the…

    Understand teaching and learning with thought leaders sharing the changes they
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Imagining a New Future for Higher Education

    Understand how disruption drives innovation in our free ebook.
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    From Student-Focused to Student-Centric:…

    Read our free ebook for strategies to strengthen the student experience.
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Thriving Through Challenge: Supporting…

    Get the research and actions to consider when building an effective technology
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    A District Leader's Guide to Using…

    Don’t just collect data. Use it! Find out how to turn assessments into insights
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Instructional Continuity in K-12

    Discover recommendations for supporting the needs of teachers and students in
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Your Guide to Canvas Catalog

    Canvas Catalog is a branded course catalog for your institution’s course
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Choosing Effective Benchmark Assessments

    Discover five key considerations to help you get started with your benchmark
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Four Key Benefits of Canvas for Trade and…

    Discover four ways trade and vocational schools benefit from Canvas LMS.
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Key Strategies for Impactful Formative…

    Learn how a thoughtful formative assessment approach can help teachers
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Using Actionable, Comprehensive Data to…

    Learn how to give teachers the visibility they need to make a difference.
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Hattie & Canvas

    Discover how Canvas supports evidence-based methods to improve student
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    Badging in Education

    Get the big picture of digital badging for students and learn how it can be a
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    A Roadmap to Student Success

    Download the e-book to discover the importance of giving higher ed students the
  • Ebooks & Buyer’s Guides

    How to Choose an Assessment Management System

    Assessment is more important than ever. An assessment management system is, too