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Generative AI is a transformative technology that will elevate student success, empower educators, and enhance the ways we teach and learn. We believe–when implemented with an intentional, secure, and human-driven approach–Generative AI has the power to promote equitable and impactful learning experiences for everyone.

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Our Approach

Intentional, Safe, and Equitable

We are committed to partnering with our customers and the edtech community at large to develop a positive and responsible approach to the use of AI. Highlights of our policy include:

Transparency and Accountability 

Bias and Fairness 

Human-AI Collaboration


Artificial Intelligence Resources

AI in education promises to reshape the way we learn and teach. We’ll be publishing how-to tips, guides, and insights as we continue to navigate the evolving AI landscape.

Join the AI Conversation

The response to AI has been a mix of excitement and caution. See what other administrators and educators are discussing in the Instructure Community to discover the possibilities for yourself.