Mastery by Instructure

Assessment. For Learning.

Our philosophy is simple: thoughtful assessment makes a real, positive impact, and the better teachers understand where students are, the better they can help them succeed. So, how do you get the insights needed to drive learning forward? With Mastery by Instructure.

Effective assessment to drive learning forward.

We deliver quality, high-impact assessment content rooted in learning standards. Because student improvement begins with smarter measurement.

Mastery Item Bank

Rigorous, standards-based items that check for understanding, evaluate student learning, and provide immediate, accessible feedback to educators.

Create formative assessments that work for you

Leverage expertly-developed items

Know what students know, standard by standard


Mastery View Assessments

A collection of expertly-developed, tightly-aligned formative assessments designed with high-quality items that evaluate student mastery.

Administer valid and reliable assessments in the classroom

Assess progress as a seamless part of the instructional cycle

Identify learning loss
students in classroom

Mastery View Predictive Assessments

Benchmarks that mirror state assessment blueprints, reflect the standards that students have learned, and provide educators with meaningful insights into student progress.

Measure standards mastery

Make decisions based on reliable data

Predict student outcomes on state tests

teachers collaborating

Ready for a more effective assessment program?