Resources for Developing Your Learning Pathways

Templates and examples you can use to create badge pathways at your institution

Templates for Building Digital Badge Learning Pathways.jpg

The easiest way to get started on your badge pathways journey is to learn from other programs and utilize the templates they've built. Thankfully, Portfolium's partner Alec Barron of the Competency X program, has allowed us to share the work he has done in partnership with Karen Overklift of Biocom Institute and Dr. Terri Quenzer of the California Community Colleges Biotechnology Initiative.

You can access the following pathway building resources:

  • Badge Design Tool & Completed PCR Badge Example
  • Badge Validation Checklist
  • Scholar Internship Badge Planning Tool
  • Infographic: So You’re Building A Badge?
  • The Competency X Badge Workshop Story

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