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Australia's Swinburne University of Technology recently received the opportunity to ask a few of their students how their experience has been using Portfolium and how the platform is being used to support student learning and success.

In describing Portfolium's ability to capture and showcase learning artifacts, Computer Science student Matthew Ward told the school that he valued being able to "look back on everything –– just being able to see, this is what I've done, this is where I've grown, this is where I want to go in the future."
Of the demonstrable "practical experience," Ward continued: "I think, not only does it motivate you but it also demonstrates to other people that that's the work you've done."
Final-year Aviation Management student Nathanael Murugiah similarly noted the importance of being able to demonstrate experience: "It's very difficult for employers to verify whether a fresh graduate has a skill or not, but through the artifacts that are uploaded to Portfolium, it gives employers a tangible way of looking at your output and reflect it to what's needed for the job."
Others, such as Professional Writing and Editing student Laura Wild, mentioned how Portfolium has helped them differentiate and identify their unique skills within their field of study, and how it will benefit them when applying for future opportunities.
"I think Portfolium will be useful in helping me get a job," explained Wild, "in that it will be able to showcase all of my work from beginning to end as a writer –– my different styles, different voices. It will be really helpful to show that I can actually take on different projects successfully."
As an institution that values innovation within higher education, Swinburne University of Technology is the first Australian educational institution to partner with Portfolium on their student success initiatives, choosing Portfolium to help students showcase their academic work, experiences, and reflections in a lifelong learning ePortfolio.

“The speed of technology and industry change is impacting how people learn and how they get jobs. Swinburne cares about students’ learning, their ability to get a job on graduation and having the capabilities and focus to fulfill their life purpose, Swinburne Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Professor Duncan Bentley told us.
As for the projects Swinburne students were most proud to be showcasing, many listed ones that made the rounds through social media, noting the advantages that come with the platform's social networking features.
"My favorite project is actually a game we developed last semester," said Matthew Ward, "Apart from being proud of the game itself, it also got featured on the Portfolium expert picks and had a huge reach to a lot other people. I got a lot of feedback on that, so that was really cool."
"[My favorite artifact is] actually a photograph that was taken of me that was uploaded onto Twitter," described Murugiah, "It's of me volunteering at this very formal aviation summit held earlier this year, and the HR department decided to upload it onto Twitter, so my first thought was, that's going into my Portfolium!"


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