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1) Identify your skills and interests.
What sets you apart from the crowd? Don’t worry if you have limited work experience; even if you feel that they may not seem relevant, use your skills and talents to help separate yourself from the rest. Once you have identified your talents, use keywords in the job search engines to help you find listings that may be relevant to your particular interests, skills and/or experiences.
2) Create a functional resume/CV.
While resumes may seem somewhat prehistoric, they are still a necessary formality in the professional environment. It is important that you make sure you take the time to customize your resume in order to highlight your skills and qualifications that are relevant to the job listing you are applying for.
Note: Most people end their job search after step 2....keep reading to find out how to set yourself apart from the rest!
3) Create your online portfolio with!
While creating a professional resume is still an integral part of the process of job searching, is it enough? You cannot rely on an overly simplified summary of your experiences and assets to help you stand out from the crowd. But by creating an online portfolio with, you can supplement and enhance your traditional resume. Portfolium is an interactive online portfolio platform designed to help students, recent graduates, and young and experienced professionals in all fields to visually showcase their skills, abilities, and experiences well beyond the limits of a standard resume. Begin to showcase yourself to employers by creating your online portfolio now! Go to to sign-up for free!
4) Share your online portfolio!
Now that you have set yourself apart from the crowd by creating your online portfolio, it is important to share your profile. Remember, promoting your portfolio is just as important as creating it! Typically, employers are overwhelmed with hundreds--if not thousands--of resumes per job listing. It is your responsibility to make it easier for them to find you. Fortunately, Portfolium offers several easy-to-use applications specifically designed to help you do so.
Go to to start promoting your profile with the following techniques:
  • Create your custom profile URL.This will make your portfolio address simple and easy to remember. Be sure to include this link on applications, on your resume/cover letters, in your email signature, and anywhere else you would like to stand out!
  • You can also share your projects via your social media channels such as Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ with the “Share This” button
  • LinkedIn has made it very easy for anyone to embed their Portfolium entries directly onto their LinkedIn profile. To learn how, visit:
  • Portfolium also provides you with a QR code image which you can save and have people scan with their smartphones to take them directly to your portfolio!
  • For those of you that run your own blog(s)and/or website(s), Portfolium also provides you with “View My Portfolium” badges that are easy for embedding; all you need to do is copy and paste a code!


5) Join career service websites.
Websites such as,,, and all provide you with a list of available job listings that are specifically related to the skills, experiences, and qualifications you have entered into your profile. By utilizing career service websites and their job search engines, you will narrow your search criteria by filtering out any job listings that are irrelevant to you. Ultimately, this will ease the job search and save you time!
6) Expand your network by...networking everywhere you go!
Many would argue that staying well-connected and using your network is one of the most important components of finding a job. While attending official networking events may open a lot of doors, they are not the only opportunities to network with professionals! Don’t hesitate to make connections with others in non-professional settings such as coffee shops, dinner outings with friends, etc. Remember, there is no limit to networking because you never know who may have an opportunity to offer you!
7) Be open to trying new experiences.
You “dream job” may not always be available at the time you are looking for it. Be open to trying out a different job that may increase your skill-set for future opportunities and thus, may eventually lead you to the job you have always wanted!

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