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In this week's Rapid Fire series, we’re talking with Sam Schopler, Practice Management Consultant at PetDesk, an app and reminder system changing the way we take care of our pets, headquartered in San Diego, California. Sam has been with PetDesk since 2016, starting as a Sales Development Representative. After smashing the records on that team (many of which stand to this day), he was promoted to his current role, sharing his personal passion for pets with the people around him.


What’s your role at PetDesk, and what personal story can you share about a time when you first realized it is a special place to work?

I am a Practice Management Consultant at PetDesk. Essentially, I'm an account executive. I realized that PetDesk would be a special place to work in the initial interview. I was being interviewed by Taylor (our CEO) and the conversation was unlike any that I had experienced up to that point. I could tell that he really cared about my ideas and my growth and was willing to listen and adapt his way of thinking, even though we had just met. That level of collaboration and open-mindedness has stayed true for the whole time that I have worked here.


What’s the most interesting little-known fact about PetDesk?

That is a tough one because I feel like there are a lot of facts that people do not know about PetDesk, if I had to peg one down, it would be that there is a software tool we have where you can ask for random lemur facts and she will give them to you.


How would a PetDesk hiring manager define an “ideal” candidate?

Someone who is curious, willing to work hard and wants to thrive in a culture of learning.


To prepare for an interview, what kind of skills, knowledge, achievements or personal spirit/attitude should students demonstrate in their portfolios?

I would say it is more about the way that they represent themselves in the interview than it is in their portfolio or resume. I am a biology major with no background in sales but I came into the interview and was willing to put myself out there, ask driving questions and adapt, so I have been successful. Your resume really just opens the door, and all you have to do is look like you've lived an interesting life so far.


What other advice would you offer to an aspiring intern or new grad seeking full-time employment at PetDesk?

If you can demonstrate that you can work hard and that you are a student of learning, then you will have a good chance of getting hired here. PetDesk is a very unique place to work and every time we hire new employees, it is wonderful to get to know what they can bring to the company to make it even more unique.


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