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During #TheStudentVoice webinar, Tarleton State University's Mekenzie Garza gave us some insight into how Portfolium has helped her take the next step into the professional workforce by allowing her to showcase and translate her experiences.


"I'm a senior, so I've been looking for ways to best represent me and my work for internship opportunities," said Garza, "Portfolium has really helped me organize my resume better and make me much more marketable to employers."



On top of Portfolium's ability to present Garza's skills and personal brand through a three-dimensional perspective, Garza also told us how she has benefitted from the platform's accessibility:


"I was like, Okay, I have these work examples from jobs and other internships, perfect writing samples – now, how can I showcase this to employers?...I actually have been actively applying for master's programs. Some of them have online applications, so I'm able to attach my Portfolium link into that and I've had many employers talk to me about it."


As a Communications major with an emphasis in public relations, Garza has found particular value in her new-found ability to highlight projects that demonstrate career-relevant skills, such as crisis communication.


EDU The Student Voice Webinar


"This past semester I took a crisis communications course that involved us doing disaster relief down in Rockport, Texas, which is where Hurricane Harvey hit. For a week during spring break, we were able to speak with the mayor of Rockport, the chief of police, different communication directors from the city, and learn about the hurricane and how they were able to communication that in order to help their people," Garza said.


Of the project, Garza noted how being able to capture this unique experience enabled her to stand out as a qualified candidate in interviews.


"As a lot of people know, whether you're a communications director, a marketer, or even a CEO, learning how to communicate effectively in a crisis is very important...So I really liked that Portfolium helped me highlight that. Whenever I apply for internships now, I have someone ask me about it like, 'Hey, the link that you sent, I saw this project on it.'"


The Student Voice Webinar June 2019


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