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It only takes 15 minutes to triple (at least) your Linkedin Skills & Endorsements.


Yet, most people have no idea how to do it.


After sending my 100th copy-and-paste message on Linkedin, which took a total of 15 minutes, the next step was to wait. Two days later, my skills and endorsements increased by over 1000%.

increase linkedin skills endorsements


Total endorsements: 28.

increase linkedin skills endorsements


Total endorsements: 302. An increase of over 1000%... in less than 15 minutes.


It was almost too easy.


Discover ePortfolios from students like you.


But how?


Although I'd be proud to say my telekinetic, psychic powers of future employment wizardry was the cause, that's unfortunately not true. It's all based on one simple premise - put others before yourself.


If you follow these exact instructions, you will triple (at least) your Linkedin Endorsements in less than 15 minutes.

Step 1: Use This Message

I sent this one message (copy and pasted) to 300 connections:


Notice the emphasis on the opening sentence:

"What skills do you want to be endorsed for?"

This captures the receiver's attention, as they immediately see the benefit of continuing to read the message.


The first paragraph continues to to explain why  Linkedin Skills and Endorsements help with the job search (ex. "HR reps look for these skill sets on Linkedin"). Then it mentions a line about helping each other out - something we all need as college students and recent college graduates.


During the second half of the message, you can input the skills that you  would like to get endorsed. Try to limit the skills to 5, as anything more than that can become overwhelming for the person endorsing you.


Now, your first step is to copy this message:


What skills do you want to be endorsed for? I’m going around endorsing people for what skills they want highlighted. It helps you with the job search, believe it or not, as HR reps look for these skill sets on Linkedin. So figure it makes sense for everyone to help each other. :)

If you get a sec, could you in turn endorse my profile for ONLY these 5 skills:

-[insert skill #1]
-[insert skill #2]
-[insert skill #3]
-[insert skill #4]
-[insert skill #5]

Trying to boost these babies to the top. Let me know what you need to be endorsed for.

[insert your name][insert your url]

Now you'll send it to your connections.

Step 2: Quickly Find People

Now that you've crafted your message (i.e. copied the text above), it's time to message your connections. Here is the quickest way possible to do so.


First, click on the Connections tab on the Linkedin menu.


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 10.45.20 PM


Scroll down to the bottom of the screen, where you'll see the section that shows (by default) your most recent conversations for all contacts:



Click where is says Sort by Recent Conversation, then you'll see a drop-down menu. On that, select First Name. This will now sort your contacts by first name.


Next, click where is says Filter by All Contacts, then you'll see a drop-down menu. On that, select Connections Only. This will now only show your connections.


Now that you've applied the filters, click the aZ button, which will pull down letters A through Z:


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 11.07.12 PM


Click the letter A, which will then load all of your contacts with the first name starting with A (ex. Aaron, Andrea, etc).

Scroll down to assure all of the contacts have been loaded, then check the Select All box. Then click Message:

This takes you to a new page, where all of your contacts have been selected in a composed message.

Step 3: Send the Message

Copy and paste the message from step 1 (after filling in your personal information, obviously) and use whatever subject line you like. I chose the subject line "Skillz" but if that's too informal, try something like "Help me, help you". Honestly, it doesn't matter. Just pick something.

Now this is the most important step of the entire exercise... you must uncheck the box labeled "Allow recipients to see each other's names and email addresses." The box is checked by default.

Don't forget to uncheck the box! If you keep it checked, your contacts will see you messaged 50 other people and will be less likely to respond. Save yourself the headache and, again, uncheck the box.

And **TA-DA**, you did it! It's that easy.

Now, you merely repeat this process for each letter, or 26 times. If it takes you 30 seconds per letter (which it should), this will only take you 13 minutes.

(As clarification, you sort per letter because Linkedin only allows you to send one message to 50 contacts at a time. By sorting per letter, chances are you won't surpass the limit of 50 contacts in a single message.)


You are now free to rejoice in the high heavens of Linkedin Skills & Endorsements. You just optimized a very important section of your Linkedin, in less than 15 minutes.


Now just don't forget to return the favor and endorse everyone back who replies to your messages.


p.s. Share your results how this worked (or didn't work?) in the comments below.


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