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It seems like Student Success conferences happen all across the country. None, however, are going to provide you with the intimate and personalized experience of workshopping with Student Success engineers and higher institution leaders like the Portfolium Student Success Workshop.


The 2019 Portfolium Student Success Workshop, hosted with Georgia State University, is our own 50 seat limited two-day customer and prospect Student Success conference, featuring presentations by higher institution partners such as GSU, Florida International, Salve Regina, Virginia Tech, and Henderson State, as well as workshops by our Customer Service Engineers on how to get the most out of the Portfolium platform.


As we're all aware, though, getting the approval to make the trip out to event can be half the battle. This is why we drafted up the perfect email to get your boss to sign-off on your request:


EDU Student Success Workshop 2019

Email Template to Use:


Subject: Request to attend Portfolium Student Success Workshop 2019 in Atlanta, GA.


Dear {Decision Maker Name},


On March 28th and 29th, 2019, Portfolium Student Success Workshop, a 50 seat limited customer and prospect Student Success conference will be making it's debut at Georgia State University. With key partnered speakers from institutions all over the country, including Florida International, Virginia Tech, Salve Regina, and Henderson State, as well as personal workshops by Portfolium's Customer Success Engineers, there isn't going to be another Student Success-focused conference like it.


I would like to request approval to attend. The education being presented at the Portfolium Student Success Workshop aligns closely with our needs to expand our campus technology and student success initiatives plus this will help us learn how to maximize our value out of the partnership with Portfolium. I think this will be an important workshop for my professional development and I would appreciate your consideration to allow me to participate.


For example, the Workshop will include lessons on:


  • Increase student ePortfolio engagement and maximize the potential of a campus-wide rollout

  • Build a community of enthusiastic and involved Portfolium users at your institutions

  • Utilize digital badging to bridge the gaps between Student Affairs and Academic Affairs

  • Showcase how your institution is actively closing the Skills Awareness Gap and communicate why it matters

  • Use technologies to scale support for institution-specific initiatives

By attending this event and completing the workshops, I will earn the Student Success Leader micro-credential from the Portfolium Learning Success Academy with an opportunity to earn the related competency badge once I’ve shown an application of what I learned. This will help our institution see the direct value of sending me to this workshop.


The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows:


Travel costs:

+ Hotel: $400 (2 nights) / $200 (1 night)

+ Flight: $[insert flight cost]

+ Meals: $80 (Breakfast + Dinner for 2 days) - Lunch is provided both days

+ Conference pass: $0!

+ Student Success Leader micro-credential: $0!

= Total Investment $[add up your total]!


I appreciate the consideration.



[insert name]


Student Success Workshop 2019

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