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During #TheStudentVoice webinar, we had the honor of speaking to Alisa Lollar, a Henderson State University student, who gave us some insight into how Portfolium has helped support her success as a first-year student.


As a freshmen at Henderson State University, Lollar explained to us the value she saw in Portfolium's ability to allow her to capture her achievements and reflect on them in a way that supports her academic and professional development.


"A picture is worth a thousand words," said Lollar, "so from a freshmen perspective, I feel like it has benefitted me the most because I'm able to include events and accomplishments from high school and [pair them] with what I want to progress and grow on in my academic and professional career."



As a Business major with a specialized interest in one day working within the non-profit sector, Lollar also described how Portfolium's social network capabilities revealed to her the wide array of work and opportunities that she was able to participate in within that field.


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"At first I wanted to start and run my own non-profit, but already within my first completed year, I've learned that there are already so many organizations established that are similar [to my interests]...It has really helped me connect with other people automatically. I don't know exactly where I'm going to go from here, but I have time, and I feel like using Portfolium has been such a good starting point for that."


When describing the features she enjoyed the most regarding her ePortfolio, Lollar noted Portfolium’s intuitive usage and ability to user-friendly interface as a reason she was able to use the platform to excel in her studies.




“Portfolium has a really good platform that has helped walk me through everything that I needed to upload my projects. That helped to give me tips and tricks that really made my portfolio shine and grow strong. It still continues to help me progress and grow.


"When I look at my projects, I can click on the skills that I have or that I want to have. And it connects me to people all around the world that already have those skills, and that is growing on a daily basis. It has really helped me find inspiration that way."

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