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Hey Cougars! In case you haven’t noticed, support is that one thing people need the most and lack at the same time. Maybe you’re like me from a few months ago and you are not sure where to look for help. If that’s the case, this blog is perfect for you.

As it turns out, there’s more to college than lectures, exams, papers, and good times. As soon as I discovered all of these life-changing tools, which I will share with you in just a moment, I was blown away!

Let’s start with the basics.

Our school website is my ultimate resource for success as a college student. Whether you’re looking into what’s next in your college (or post college) career, or you're simply needing guidance, the CSUSM website offers countless online tools that connect you to the many resources we have. These tools--and coffee--have quickly become my secret weapons to owning life as a college student.
For example, grad school is right around the corner for me... and luckily, the Career Center has pretty much everything I need. With just a few clicks, I can research different programs and find out what schools are a good fit for me. It also explains in detail how to reach out to professors for letters of recommendation (this might not sound important now, but trust'll need one sooner than later).

From academic success to personal wellness, the school’s online and on-campus resources are your ultimate tools for reaching your goals and achieving greatness! And might I’s free.

Believe it or not, there's more to it than meets the eye. Below, I’ve provided you with a few resources you need to connect with before leaving CSUSM:

The Career Center

Did you know that you can meet 1-on-1 with a counselor to practice your interview skills? For free?! That’s exactly what I did. I've even met with a counselor to take a career assessment in order to get a better sense of my unique interests, skills, personality, and values.

Follow this link for a list of the counselors at our school.
CSUSM Career Center


The Career Center is fully equipped with resources to help you get a stronger sense of where you want to go in life, and how to go about doing that. Here's a full list of what they offer:

  • Major and career exploration and decision-making
  • Career Counseling
  • Career Assessment (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Strong Interest Inventory,
  • StrengthsQuest, and TypeFocus)
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Employer research and job search strategies
  • In-person and social media networking strategies
  • Job and internship postings (Including CougarJOBS)
  • Job and graduate schools fair
  • Mock interviews and Big Interview resource
  • Salary negotiation strategies
  • Graduate and professional schools research and application assistance
  • Etiquette dinners
  • Industry panels
  • Workshops
  • Online links and resources
  • Appointments and 10-15 minutes drop-ins



Nowadays, it's so crucial to build your online presence. Your professional online presence, that is.

Portfolium is today’s top digital portfolio solution. It’s your very own personal website to document and showcase your skills, experiences, and learning by uploading various digital artifacts.
Portfolium Header
Get started today and create your Portfolium to keep all of your work and experiences organized and up to date, to build an online presence, and to get a job! Once you've created you awesome portfolio, you can actually use it in interviews to impress employers.
Writing 101

It's hard to become successful at anything without being a decent writer. From college papers and grad school applications, to emails in the workplace, strong written communication skills are highly valued. Conveniently, CSUSM has yet another awesome resource that will help you on all things writing!

The Writing Center is equipped with a team of certified individuals who can provide you with valuable 1-on-1 consultations to help you perfect that paper of yours. You know...that one that's worth like 50% of you grade. Go check it out and get an A on your next assignment! You can either schedule an appointment, drop in, OR ask for an online consultation.
Writing Center

Personalized Academic Success Services (PASS) is a resource program that is tailored to each student's specific needs; it's a great way to create a plan and set goals for things like time management, finances, and learning strategies.

I actually went to my first appointment not too long ago, and learned a lot about myself in doing so! I was blown away by all of things I am actually doing right (go me!), as well as all of the the things I can improve on. Thanks to my meeting with PASS, my semester is off to a great start! I recommend that you meet with Arlene and what she can help you with. :)

The Health Center

As you (hopefully) already know,  your tuition pays for numerous health and counseling services. This includes the HOPE and Wellness Center, which offers information, counseling, support, and resources in the areas of anxiety/depression, relationships, contraception, stress management, smoking cessation, nutrition and fitness...and the list goes on! Remember, a and healthy mind = a healthy body.

HOPE and Wellness Center

If you happen to be studying Psychology, Public Health, Nursing, Kinesiology, or Medicine, there are even ways for you to get involved! You can also apply for an internship with the Peer Advocacy and Wellness Support (PAWS). Through this internship, you'll receive training on how to help educate your fellow Cougars on healthy lifestyle decisions. Sounds like an amazing opportunity, doesn't it?!

Peer Advocacy and Wellness Support
So there you have it, the top 5 free resources that are essential for student success at CSUSM! Hopefully now you’ve got a better idea of all of the services that are readily available to you, and where you might find them! Remember, they're quite literally just a click away!

I wanted to leave you all with one last tip to help you get more out of the online database:

KEYWORDS! From the CSUSM website, simply input any keyword(s) into the search tab. It seriously can't get any easier. When I searched for "leadership opportunities," I stumbled upon the Tukwut Leadership Circle--a FREE program that helps you improve your leadership skills on campus. I'm excited to share that I'll be participating in the TLC this Fall (2015) and Spring (2016). I hope that you'll join me! :)

I hope that this has been helpful for you and I wish you the best of luck this school year! If you ever have any questions about any of these awesome resources, feel free to message me via Portfolium!



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