Instructure Introduces New Contemporary Canvas User Interface at InstructureCon 2015

SALT LAKE CITY, June 17, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Instructure, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, has introduced a new, modernized user interface for the Canvas learning management system (LMS). The updated interface debuted at InstructureCon 2015 and is cleaner and more contemporary, while maintaining the Canvas iterative approach to improve common workflows and make the user experience more simple and streamlined.

"The refreshed Canvas user interface makes it even more intuitive and easier for teachers and students to use," said Jared Stein, vice president of research and education at Instructure. "We've always believed that technology should be unobtrusive in order to enable everyone to realize their vision of education."

The updated user interface provides many added benefits to the platform, including:

  • Updated look and feel. The platform has been reenergized with a cleaner, more modern user interface to enhance the user experience for students, teachers and administrators.
  • Improved navigation. The primary navigation menu has been reconceived to maximize screen space on modern devices, especially on tablets.
  • New paths to engage. The new dashboard uses dynamic course cards to provide an additional way to access important updates within the course.

As a cloud LMS from the start, Canvas has a history of rolling out new and improved experiences continually and on an iterative basis. For example, Canvas has significantly enhanced and improved the user experience for quiz statistics, files and student groups – tools that are critical to many online learning experiences.

The newly updated user interface will be made available to customers later in 2015, with gradual enhancements continuing beyond. As with all new features, Canvas provides institutions with the option to decide when to make the switch.

In addition, the new user interface will still elegantly integrate with nearly 200 educational apps available at the EduAppCenter. Since its launch in 2011, Canvas has pushed for an open platform with open APIs that make it easy for students, teachers and administrators to integrate curriculum, content and tools that they prefer into their Canvas instance. Today many of the partners who work with Canvas to build edu apps have developed code that Instructure reviews and certifies to ensure the technology seamlessly works in Canvas.

Canvas services more than 1,200 schools, districts, colleges and universities throughout the world. More than 2,000 educators will gather in Park City, Utah, to attend InstructureCon 2015. To learn more about Canvas, visit

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