Bridge by Instructure Offers Tips and Tools to Help Employers Prepare for Mid-Year Reviews

SALT LAKE CITY, May 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- For millions of employers across the country, the months of June and July are focused on much more than planning a summer vacation: it's mid-year review time. Bridge by Instructure (NYSE: INST), a learning and performance management software suite for businesses, offers a variety of tools and resources to help employers use reviews and feedback to create meaningful employee experiences.


"We've all been in situations where we've received, or given, unclear feedback," said Emily Foote, VP of customer engagement at Instructure. "That's why Bridge Practice allows employers to use the power of video and peer feedback to be more prepared to conduct meaningful reviews. Heading into mid-year meetings can be intimidating and stressful for many. Working with Bridge Practice makes the process as smooth as possible."

According to Bridge, 25 percent of annual turnover is voluntary, and 75 percent of that turnover is influenced by a manager's behavior. What's more, one in five employees are not confident their manager will provide regular, constructive feedback, and only 49 percent of employees find reviews to be accurate. To help employees succeed and to reduce turnover, it is an employer's responsibility to provide constructive, beneficial feedback to aid employee growth.

Bridge offers the following tips to get the most out of mid-year reviews:

  • Give managers a little (or a lot of) direction. Managing employees doesn't always come naturally; supervisors at all levels could use some guidance when it comes to evaluating performance. This can be as simple as ensuring that a 1:1 mid-year conversation happens, or as detailed as a 360-degree evaluation, which requires input from employees, managers and peers.
  • Replace annual performance reviews with frequent employee check-ins. Modern employees need regular feedback — and they need it now. Rather than conducting annual performance reviews, effective managers conduct employee check-ins at a set frequency throughout the year. It's recommended that these meetings take place regularly, and that they serve as a platform for providing constructive feedback and transparency. If an employee is falling short, addressing the issue immediately is the best approach to solving the problem.
  • Focus on achievements and progress, not tenure. The longer employees stay with your company, the greater their expectations become. However, tenure shouldn't automatically translate to a raise, especially when employees who may have been there less time have already proven themselves to be valuable assets to the company.
    By reflecting on goals and other work contributions throughout the year, employees will be motivated by recognition for good work instead of expecting a sum for simply sticking around another year. But here's the kicker: managers and HR teams need to communicate goals with employees long before the performance review so they know what's expected of them. Regular 1:1s are the ideal time to assess employee progress toward meeting goals and make adjustments along the way.
  • Help employees map the path to improvement. Each employee review is an opportunity to assign training. Even all-star employees have much to learn, whether it's developing a new skill or getting certified in the latest software suite. No matter the job description, continuous improvement should be part of the job requirement.

As the modern workforce evolves, so should the methods for evaluating it. Companies that align performance evaluation and talent management with worker needs will reap the rewards of reduced turnover, higher productivity and increased employee engagement.

Bridge by Instructure is an innovative, outcome-focused talent management suite that empowers businesses to develop their workforce, ensure a better employee experience, and increase employee retention through performance and learning management software. That way, businesses take care of their most valuable asset — their people. Learn more at

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