Mastery View Interim Assessments are expertly-created quarterly check-ins built to identify student mastery levels of key state standards so educators can drive each student's learning journey. Available in New Mexico and Texas for the 2022-23 school year.

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Identify Student Mastery Levels and Gauge Progress

Actionable Insights

Identify what students know—and what they can do—with meaningful data needed to inform instruction, target interventions, and personalize the learning experience.

The Foundation of Your Assessment Program

Delivered in a single class period, Mastery View Interims complement formative assessment in the classroom by delivering data to teachers, while providing leaders with insights into performance across the district.

Built to Your State Assessment Blueprints

The Mastery View Interim Assessments are built by subject matter experts who identify the most essential state standards to be included in the four Mastery View Interim Assessments. Each assessment addresses 4-5 standards with 5-6 questions per standard.

Delivered in Mastery Connect

Administer Mastery View Interim Assessments and receive immediate, actionable feedback about student progress in an intuitive, visual way with Mastery Connect reports.

Student-Centered Assessment

Assessments that Support Student Learning

A student is at the center of every assessment. Get insights into where they are on the learning journey so you can help them along the way. Mastery View Interims are designed to empower teachers with in-the-moment data so they validate where learning is happening and make instructional decisions that have an impact.

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A Balanced Approach to Assessment

Identify Learning Needs Efficiently and Effectively

Shift the focus from assessment and back to teacher and learning. Mastery View Interim Assessments seamlessly fit within the instructional cycle while providing actionable results you can trust.

Valid, reliable, and informative

Test students on the right skills and concepts

Depend on the quality, alignment and rigor

Ready for the next big thing in assessment?