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      Webinar: Deliver CPD & promote courses publicly with a marketing & logistics hub

      Even before Covid changed education for everyone, many organisations were looking at ways to develop new ways of attracting new students. But particularly now, when global education is at such a critical juncture, colleges, universities and training providers are re-considering how they will navigate the next few years of unavoidable change. With FE Colleges now offering degree programmes, Universities offering Apprenticeships and many organisations also looking to offer their expertise and high quality content to businesses - it is crucial that they have a flexible, easy to use, scalable and above all reliable mechanism to pivot - fast! Whether you are are already a Canvas Customer, or looking for a different platform to develop an offering for a particular subject or project - this webinar will give you tips & tricks on how to use Canvas + Catalog as a marketing and logistics engine for your learning programme, whatever that looks like.

      The goal: To discover how and why the combination of product ease of use, scalability, support & pedagogical flexibility helps organisations future-proof their offering.