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Mapping Institutional Programs to Badge-Earning Pathways

Including a Free Pathway Building Template of Lewis & Clark's Entrepreneurship Program

Access the Webinar

Watch this webinar with Lewis & Clark College on how to Map Existing Institutional Programs to Portfolium Badge-Earning Pathways. This webinar will teach you the steps Lewis & Clark took to translate their Winterim Program into a Pathway enabling participants to showcase the skills and experiences gained throughout.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Build a badge-earning pathway
  • Ensure badges to be earned are supported by academic and experiential evidence
  • Decide what milestones and competencies should be included in the pathway
  • Determine which student experiences / assignments should serve as milestone requirements
  • Engage students in the pathway building process
  • Receive a Pathway Building Template for you to use with your own program