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Leveraging Technologies to Scale Student Success

Closing the Skills Awareness Gap by Recognizing Career Competencies Acquired Through Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

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Watch this webinar with Dr. Ryan Maltese, Student Success Project Director, and Dr. Angela Christie, Faculty Director, QEP, at Georgia State University, to learn how GSU is helping close the "skills awareness gap" by using technology to connect what the students are learning in curricular and co-curricular spaces and tying those competencies to career relevant skills most sought after by prospective employers.

In this webinar, you will learn how GSU is:

  • Connecting its two-year and four-year career curriculum to the career competencies most sought after by prospective employers
  • Helping students navigate their First-Year Experience with innovative technologies
  • Using guided pathways to support GSU’s “College to Career” Quality Enhancement Plan
  • Exploring the meta-Pathways and meta-Majors using real-time employment data to help GSU students prepare for career success
  • Assessing how students are developing awareness, connection and demonstration of the career skills they are learning in the classroom