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      #CanvasChat: Leveraging Media And Canvas For Impactful Learning Opportunities

      So, if you haven’t subscribed to our podcast yet...WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? We were so honored to be asked to host this #CanvasChat and we wanted to focus on what we are most passionate about. We started out with a little bit of fun with introductions and GIFs….pronounced with a hard “G” of course!

      Marcus Painter, Coordinator of Digital Learning, nerd, dad, aspiring triathlete

      — 🎙💻Marcus Painter💻🎙 (@edtechmarcus) February 26, 2020

      Hello #CanvasChat! I’m Knikole, and I would say 18+ years in the game have taught me how to be resourceful. I love using lessons learned to help teachers bring their A game for students.

      — Knikole Taylor (@knikole) February 26, 2020

      This is MY JAM! I love media in the classroom. Sean Winningham, online instructional designer, first time to #CanvasChat.

      — Sean Winningham (@swinning_id) February 26, 2020

      There was definitely some excitement leading up to the chat and we were excited to get started.

      We got straight to the point with Q1:

      My own video that I make myself! I love starting the class with an Intro video, as well as weekly video! Students also seem to love that I make my own video! #canvaschat

      — Kona Jones (@KonaRJones) February 26, 2020

      We loved what Kona had to say here! Though all forms of media can hook learners into the content for the day, we especially love the media content being created by teachers! There is no substitute for this type of genuine and authentic engagement. It shows that you value the learners you work with and you are willing to possibly get out of your own comfort zone to show that value.

      As Twitter chats usually are, things move quickly! When we moved-on to Q2, we wanted to focus on goal setting and STUDENT creation of content.

      Q2: The @canvascasters believe in the lasting value of authentic learning through student-curated content.
      What is a tool, app, or website that you want to learn more about that focuses on student creation of media content? #CanvasChat

      — Canvas LMS (@CanvasLMS) February 26, 2020

      This is about the time when everyone’s devices began to go bonkers! There were so many great suggestions of resources and ideas, but a few are listed below:
      – Student podcasts (Soundtrap)
      – Meme creation for students (@edtechmarcus has a favorite...Check out Memematic)
      – FlipGrid
      – TikTok This is where things took an unexpected turn! A big thank you to Scott Dennis for pushing our thinking and posing the possibility of TikTok as a learning tool!

      TikTok is AWESOME!!! Not sure it would be classroom appropriate though...

      — Sean Winningham (@swinning_id) February 26, 2020

      We got into some great discussion about what, if any, role TikTok could have in a classroom setting. We just scratched the surface of this conversation during the chat, but since then, The Canvascasters recorded Episode 15 with our friend Khaled Al-ankar. We got a chance to talk with him about this and much more! Check out the podcast and the latest episode RIGHT HERE!

      When we got to Q3 of the chat, we wanted to redirect towards the amazing tools and apps within the Canvas LMS itself.

      Q3: What built-in elements in Canvas provide media opportunities for engagement, content delivery, and/or assessment and feedback? #CanvasChat

      — Canvas LMS (@CanvasLMS) February 26, 2020

      Some favorite mentions include Canvas Studio, Media Recorder within Canvas, Media Feedback in Speedgrader, and Turnitin.

      We wanted to allow folks participating to set a goal and allow us all to act as accountability partners in that. So, Q4 was about setting that goal, sharing it with the chat, and endeavoring to learn something new that might better your media use within Canvas.

      Here's the final question for today!
      Q4: What is your top takeaway from tonight’s chat that you plan to investigate more?
      As you dig deeper, share your thoughts with the @canvascasters. #CanvasChat

      — Canvas LMS (@CanvasLMS) February 26, 2020

      We had some friends leave the chat with goals in mind. Some wanted to investigate FlipGrid, TikTok, the media recorder, Canvas Studio, meme creating tools, etc. We had an amazing time collaborating and discussing what we love with the #CanvasFam!