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      Take Your Classroom to the Cloud With AWS Educate

      With an increasing demand for cloud-skilled employees and an expanding digital workforce, AWS Educate has partnered with Canvas to create an academic gateway for the next generation of IT and cloud-based professionals. Sustained school closures have required some institutions to continue remote learning, increasing the need for integrated technology that streamlines instruction and promotes self-paced learning. As educators strive to create hands-on learning experiences both on and off campus, they can now access AWS services and launch virtual classrooms—all in one place.

      If you’re an educator who's looking to incorporate cloud-computing skills into your lessons and courses, you're likely to have the following questions before getting started: 

      • What’s the right pathway for my students to join AWS Educate? 
      • How do I get credit for my students to use AWS services?
      • What templates should I select when creating My Classroom
      • Where do I find content to use in my class? 
      • What support does AWS Educate provide for educators and students?

      Tune into our upcoming webinar “Getting Started With AWS Educate” on August 18, 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. MST, to hear from Mike Bryant, Faculty Community Manager at AWS Educate and Ryan Lufkin, Senior Director of Higher Education Product Marketing at Instructure, about how educators can now integrate content from AWS Educate into Canvas and provide student access to AWS services for activities, labs, and projects in the cloud. 


      About AWS Educate
      AWS Educate is Amazon's global initiative to provide students comprehensive resources for building skills in the cloud. It is a no-cost curriculum providing access to content, training, pathways, AWS services, and the AWS Educate Job Board with employment opportunities. Educators can access AWS services, launch virtual classrooms, and use tools to help students learn the cloud.