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      Reduce Bias, Protect Student Privacy, and Academic Integrity

      As education increasingly moves online, finding the right technologies is essential to providing outstanding learning experiences. That’s what InstructureCon 2021 is all about.

      Whether you’re an administrator looking for a new online learning platform or a professor curious about new advances for the digital classroom, InstructureCon is for you. This year’s must-attend event is an opportunity for educators at all levels to gain valuable insights about the latest edtech, test new products, and find out which innovations that integrate with Canvas are most effective at helping them reach their goals.. This includes a chance to take an in-depth look at Rosalyn, the cutting-edge online exam tool for teachers that is transforming how testing happens.

      What Is Rosalyn?

      Founded in 2017, Rosalyn is a secure human-in-the-loop proctoring solution designed to protect academic integrity, promote fairness, and support comfortable testing for students. Rosalyn’s industry-first Student Advisory Board continuously guides product development to ensure users have the best experience possible. It also has tremendous benefits for educators and institutions by providing an intuitive proctoring solution at a cost institutions small or large can afford.

      Protecting Privacy

      Student information is sensitive and should be handled with the utmost respect. Rosalyn complies with privacy and data regulations outlined in BIPA to protect student data and help institutions meet their legal regulatory obligations. This helps keep students and universities focused on expanding education and helps everyone avoid situations like the EPIC lawsuit.

      Eliminating Bias

      AI-based proctoring systems are typically trained on datasets that do not accurately represent a diverse student population, which opens the door to algorithmic bias. Rosalyn’s purpose-built AI is trained on a proprietary database of nearly 250,000 sessions that represent a full range of skin tones, ethnicities, gender identities, and neurotypes. This dynamic system minimizes the risk of bias and improves diversity, equity, and inclusion.

      Valuing Human Insight

      Rosalyn's AI is simply the first step in protecting integrity, it does not replace human wisdom. If the AI technology spots a potential infractor, it immediately flags the event for human validation and, when necessary, real-time intervention. This marriage of technology and human insight improves reliability and offers great scalability for institutions. It also reduces test anxiety by assuring students that they are not being constantly observed by a human proctor and their academic futures are never left in the hands of potentially flawed software.

      Improving Accessibility

      Rosalyn is committed to protecting every student’s right to learn. That’s why this unique system works on virtually any computer and operating system as well as in low bandwidth environments.

      Creating Better Online Exam Tools for Instructors: Rosalyn - Canvas Integration 

      Complicated online exam tools for teachers can create barriers to learning and add unnecessary burdens for educators. Rosalyn understands the need for a user-friendly system that makes accessing materials and reviewing exams easier. That is why Rosalyn has partnered with Canvas. 

      The Rosalyn - Canvas integration is built on the following principles: 

      • Use the most up-to-date integration standards (LTI Advantage). 
      • Use the existing Canvas quiz tool and all its existing features. 
      • Provide a simple and intuitive interface. 

      Rosalyn’s instructor dashboard offers simple and easy navigation. Instructors can: 

      • View the list of quizzes in their Canvas course. 
      • Enable (or disable) Rosalyn proctoring using a simple slider button.
      • Review individual sessions. 
      • Configure each exam for the appropriate level of stakes: 
        • formative exams/quizzes = low stakes that allow for use of additional resources.
        • summative exams such as mid term = mid stakes with elevated restrictions. ○ finals = high stakes with all possible safeguards in place. 

      With Rosalyn and Canvas, you can truly harness the potential of online learning and support students where they are. 

      Want to Learn More? 

      Online exam tools for instructors are opening up new opportunities for students, educators, and institutions around the world. Join us at InstructureCon on October 7thto discover how Rosalyn can help you create superior exam experiences and keep assessments fair. 

      Registration is now open, and it is free! is proud to sponsor InstructureCon 2021 and share our insights on how to build better online exam tools for teachers. To learn more about Rosalyn’s innovative technology, call us at +1 (650) 540-7500 or request a demo