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Lazy Texts: What Students Need—Now More Than Ever

Welcome to the future of e-planning! Lazy Texts is a user-friendly, customizable text reminder service that's going to make school less complicated and stressful for students. (We know this because we're students ourselves.)

My name is Harrison Cohn, a senior majoring in Business Management at the University of Florida, and my business partner’s name is Charlie Levine, a senior majoring in Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida.

We both attended school in Broward County, Florida for the entirety of our K–12 educations, and we graduated together from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2017.

We've created a unique subscription service called Lazy Texts. As Canvas partners, we've received Canvas’ Global Developer Key, which provides immediate access for schools and institutions to offer our program to students and parents. To activate Lazy Texts, Canvas administrators can simply click a button in the list of inherited keys. With Canvas, our service has a platform through which to make a difference in students' educations.

With our service, subscribers receive a daily customizable text that organizes their assignments, due dates, commitments, and appointments. In essence, Lazy Texts acts as a student's personal organizational assistant, easing the stress of keeping track of school assignments and responsibilities. It's worth noting that the average open rate for a push notification is 7.8%, while the average open rate for a text message is 98%.

Our idea came to fruition when Charlie created a program for himself to organize his assignments. Word spread, and soon the program had a live beta trial with students ranging from middle school to graduate school. We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from all ages and education levels. Shortly afterward, Lazy Texts was born. Check out our website,, to see what students are saying about it!

As students, we're excited to be able to use our service at our respective institutions and to share it with any institution that uses Canvas. We're eager to be active at your institution, and we, along with Canvas, encourage your participation. So what’s next? Lazy Text!

For more info, check out our video:

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