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      Complex Student Needs Require Informed, Intrusive Advising

      As funding for public higher education gets tighter and more critical attention is placed on student debt load, schools are under increasing pressure to do a better job retaining and graduating students to justify the cost of government support and to decrease the incidence of student loan default.

      Complex factors cause students to leave college, factors which don’t offer simple solutions. Whether a student’s challenge is due to financial concerns, lack of engagement, lack of family support, poor academic preparedness, stress, or something else—or most likely, some combination of factors—complex student needs require multifaceted engagement with an institution and its many services, as well as informed advising relationships to facilitate that engagement. 

      Nuro Retention, our advising case-management platform, supports just that kind of relationship. Our case-management approach integrates an institution’s many resources to help advisors engage in collaborative advising, analysis, communication, and tracking for the benefit of each individual student. We pull in data from any electronic source a university provides and make it actionable. 



      Our platform uses predictive analytics to identify students most at risk. Information is analyzed and presented in Nuro’s intuitive interface, allowing advisors to target students or groups before situations develop. A color-coded summary shows advisors which students are on track, off track, or somewhere in the murky middle. In addition, automated actions and mass communication channels allow messaging targeted by student group or other criteria.

      But the Nuro approach does more than just raise red flags on struggling students. A deeper dive into an individual case provides a timeline of the student’s interaction with the institution, including actions, messages, and tasks assigned by an advisor or other team member. In this view, advisors have the tools to connect with individual students, to discuss relevant issues, and to recommend services or action, as well as to record and track the student’s response to resolve those issues. 

      We provide the platform to make informed, intrusive advising scalable. Through partnerships with other organizations we strive to improve our clients’ experience so that their focus remains on students. In particular, our partnership with Canvas LMS will ease implementation and provide complementary services. 

      As an organization with many first-generation college graduates, as I am myself, we understand how college completion can change lives.  As such, we’re driven to provide institutions with tools and analysis to help students succeed, regardless of the challenges students face.

      Keep Learning,

      Tom McNamara
      CEO, Nuro Learning