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Canvas Resources and Chemistry Jokes

What did the first chemist say to the second chemist? "Hey baby, I got my ion you.” OK, so it turns out chemist jokes are only one step above accountant jokes. Dumb jokes aside, chemistry is pretty awesome. Currently, there are 118 elements on the periodic table. Individually, each element is useful and cool, but when you start combining them, things get really interesting. Just look at the elements that make up water. Hydrogen is unstable and wants to blow you up and oxygen isn’t much better. But wow -- throw them together and you have a life sustaining liquid!

Good jokes argon

The jokes could go on all day.

Much like the periodic table, the wild corners of the Internet hold elemental resources derived from components of Canvas. Some of these resources are carefully crafted in Instructure's own learning laboratories; most are customer driven. If you’re looking for some resources and ways to get smarter with Canvas, take a peek at a few of these:

We hope these resources provide the catalyst to help you concoct your very own formula for learning Canvas. And if you know of any resources we didn’t mention, please share them in the comments below.

Keep learning,
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