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When It Clix: Enhancing the Learning Experience

After years of experience in the media industry, we were inspired to create a product unlike anything else currently available. The result: Clixie Media. Clixie’s software allows educators to create engaging, interactive videos quickly and easily. These videos are mobile-responsive, allowing students to access the content on any device and customizable to the instructor’s needs. Clixified videos provide a richer learning experience for students in both the physical and virtual classroom by offering interactive elements that highlight important information, organize the content, or link to supplementary resources, without disrupting the viewer experience.

This past fall semester, we implemented Clixie into a pilot study at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business within Professor David Brophy’s Financing Technology Commercialization: A Venture Capital Practicum class. The results of the study were very promising and showed that not only was Clixie well-received by the students in the class, but that it also had the desired effect of helping students understand class material and increased the efficiency of teaching methods.

Clixie was introduced to the class in the form of:

1. Video Announcements -- released before classes to explain assignments and introduce upcoming guest speakers.

Video Announcements Clixie

This video announcement features Timed Clixies of links to supplementary information that appear when Professor Brophy mentions them in the video. The red question mark icon in the top left corner is an Embedded Clixie that when clicked, pauses the videos and opens up a form to email the professor.

2. Speaker Videos -- short (~5 min) video segments of guest speaker presentations for students to watch.

Speaker Videos

3. Lecture Review Video -- introduced the concept of chaptering and gating to students by combining multiple, short video segments from speaker videos (chapters), to make a longer form video that served as a study guide for the final exam. At the end of each chapter, students were required to take a Canvas quiz and required all answers to be correct to “unlock” the next chapter for viewing (gating). For correctly answering all of the quiz questions, students were given 10% extra credit towards their final exam. 

Lecture Review video Clixie

Student view of Lecture Review Video with sidebar to show chaptering and progress of unlocking chapters.

Unlocking chapters Clixie

Once a video chapter is done, a Canvas quiz is automatically launched inside the viewing platform.

Viewing platform Clixie

After the quiz is passed, the next chapter unlocks and is ready for student viewing.

Instructors captured additional value from Clixie through the wealth of data collected on the Clixie backend. We were able to analyze overall class trends and individual statistics of how students interacted with the videos. Instructors are able to see how many students watch each video, for how long, what sections of the video were watched, and even down to where students click on the video and at what point. This data allowed Professor Brophy to be responsive to students by adjusting in-class readings to reflect student interests or by providing supplemental teaching material to address confusion. 

Instructor view of video analytics by students and by video

Instructor view of video analytics by students and by video.

Data overview Clixie

Granular data at both student and video level. Sidebar on right with blue visual bars shows that Chris watched the entire announcement through one time, then rewatched a specific section to find specific information.

During the semester, surveys were administered to the class with the following results:

● 91.5% completed the lecture review video

● 89.8% said Clixie was easy to use

● 88.1% said the lecture review video was easy to use

● 86.4% watched more than one video

● 86.4% said chaptering was valuable and easy to use

● 81.4% said the lecture review video helped them prepare for the final

● 81.4% said the video announcements were easy to use

● 76.3% want lecture review videos in other classes

● 74.6% want more class lectures with Clixie interactivity

Clearly the pilot demonstrated that both students and instructors benefited from using interactive video in the classroom. Students were twenty times more likely to watch videos with interactive elements and were quick to adopt the technology, with little student support required. This pilot just touches the surface of Clixie’s capabilities and flexibility. For more detailed information on Clixie Media’s pilot project and what it can do within the educational sphere.

Keep learning,

Cindy Zhou
Manager, Strategy and Analytics at Clixie