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University of Saskatchewan Selects Instructure Canvas as its Next LMS

Editor’s Note: This announcement is from University of Saskatchewan. It is published here with permission.

About the Project

Blackboard (also known as Course Tools) was University of Saskatchewan's primary LMS for the last 10 years. As the old Blackboard contract was up for review, it was the right time for to assess the options on the market to ensure that students have the best possible online learning experience.

Canvas by Instructure has been selected as USask’s next LMS to replace Blackboard. This page provides an overview of the project and a high-level overview of the planned timeline. For more information about this change, please see the following:

Expected Timeline

  • USask recognizes that having academic courses operate from two separate learning management systems is not an optimal, consistent student experience. For this reason, they are working with college partners to move courses to Canvas as quickly as is reasonably possible in each individual case, making the experience as consistent as possible for students taking courses across campus.
  • Canvas will be available to instructors to learn in June 2020.
  • Professional development sessions will be available in June 2020, if your college or school plans their implementation for summer or fall 2020 session. You can also attend sessions if you are on the list of faculty early adopters (sign up to be an early adopter).
  • USask is currently working with colleges and schools to determine optimal timing for implementation. Faculty should contact their local academic leadership regarding implementation.
  • The first courses will use Canvas in August 2020. The university expects a significant percentage of classes will be able to utilize the new technology for the fall of 2020 if they wish.
  • USask expects that almost all colleges and schools will have transitioned over to Canvas by December 2021. Blackboard will remain in place during the transition over to Canvas.

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