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Have Yourself a Canvas Holiday Help Desk

Some things, like getting sand in your sandals at the beach, can’t really be helped. Other things, like making sure your Canvas help desk is covered while you go to the beach, most certainly can.

If you’re a Canvas admin and you or your staff plan to spend this holiday break in Aruba, at your grandma’s, or binge-watching Bruceploitation films, let the Canvas Holiday Help Desk take over with our highest level of support. Sure, your faculty is on break too, but you know they’ll be working on course prep. So don’t choose between taking time off and providing awesome support for your Canvas users; do both.

Just contact your CSM, identify the dates you need Canvas Holiday Help Desk support (anytime from Dec. 21 2015 – Jan. 3, 2016), and we’ll work with you to get it all set up. We’ll provide full Tier 1 support with live 24/7 chat, phone, Web, and email coverage delivered by our Canvas support experts.

So, go get sand in your sandals, enjoy grandma’s pumpkin pie, or queue up Enter the Fat Dragon. We’ve got you and your Canvas users covered.

Keep learning,
Seth Johnson
Client Services Director