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How Lewis & Clark Mapped Existing Programs to Pathways

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In this case study, Associate Director of Operations at the Bates Center for Entrepreneurship and Leadership at Lewis & Clark, Catarina Hunter explains how Portfolium supports Lewis & Clark's Winterim Program, the benefit of mapping programs to Portfolium Badge-Earning pathways, and how digitizing the Winterm Program amplifies the impact the program has for the institution.

"We needed a way for students to showcase the skills they've gained and the experiences that developed them. Mapping the program to Portfolium pathways has been the perfect way to do this."

In this case study, readers will learn how:

  • Portfolium can be used to capture student experiences and skills gained in institutional programs
  • Existing badge-earning pathways can be used to highlight new skills learned for students
  • Portfolium can be used to track how skills correspond with program student learning outcomes
  • Digital badging can be implemented to give students an opportunity to showcase competencies