Tips for Using MasteryConnect During a School Closure

MasteryConnect supports schools and districts in delivering curriculum and assessments online. Using the Student Portal, content can be delivered online using Resource Pins and Playlists that can be customized to meet student needs based on mastery levels. Read below for more detailed information on how MasteryConnect features support online learning.

  • Watch these two videos in our series, Getting Started with MasteryConnect for Remote Learning. Session one provides guidance and quick tips. Session two offers further resources pushing students through the Student Portals.
  • Use the MasteryConnect Community to source and share assessments among teams, schools, and districts to create Resource Pins.
  • Leverage the Student Portal to push out assessments and deliver Playlists with activity or unit instructions, then easily track student progress. (You can create several playlists with differentiated content for students to complete based on their mastery levels.)
  • The Parent  Portal  makes  it  easy  for  parents  to  track  student  progress  or  receive  notifications  from  teachers  and  administrators. Multiple parent email addresses can be linked to a student to keep everyone informed.
  • Send emails to all parents directly from Tracker to communicate expectations for eLearning days and assignments delivered through MasteryConnect.  
  • Technology-enhanced items offer a variety of ways for students to submit work: use essay questions for written work; use Passages to add text, video, audio, graphs to question in a classroom-like setting; pair passages with the 50+ item types for students to interact with content. Questions can then be graded automatically or through rubrics. Use teacher item authoring tools to create items, or pull from a district or third-party item bank. 
  • Use online discussion tools and your Newsfeed to collaborate with your team around common assessments, standards, and data, while sharing resources.
  • Create Resource Pins to save resources you find online or in the community, then add them to Playlists
  • Administrators may push resources, assignments, and common formative assessments to teachers districtwide through Curriculum Maps
  • If students are submitting work through email, teachers can add them to the Tracker with Evidence Capture and then grade using a rubric. 
  • The Admin Tab gives administrators insights into the standards assessed, student-growth trends, and individual student needs.
  • If communicating with students and/or parents through emails, Test IDs can be sent out for students to access and complete assessments from their browser. 
  • Upload paper resources as PDFs to add to your Tracker as an assessment or assignment to be delivered digitally.  

Be sure to visit the MasteryConnect Help Center for instructional articles and Online PD for tutorial videos

If you need additional support to learn how to use MasteryConnect in a fully online setting, contact your MasteryConnect Customer Success Manager.