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Practice Professional Development. Practice What You Teach. Literally.

Introducing Practice, a video-based learning tool that helps districts build and virtually scale high-quality, effective professional development for teachers. Because students shouldn't get to have all the (learning) fun.

Competent, Confident Teachers Self Reflection Learn and Practice Expert Coaching Peer Feedback Learners self-assess and reflect on their video compared to modeled best practices. Self Reflection Learners watch each others' video performances to the same challenge or prompt, then offer timely, relevant feedback. This creates a low-risk, collaborative learning environment. Peer Feedback Instructors provide learners with targeted feedback on their video submissions, including personalized suggestions on how to improve. Expert Coaching Learners watch a short practical skills challenge and then record a video of themselves doing the chal - lenge. This gives learners the chance to repeatedly practice the skill. After all, repetition is—repeat after me— the mother of all learning. Learn & Practice

There’s No Substitute For Quality Teachers

The single most important in-school factor affecting student learning is (no surprise here) a quality teacher.

So how does Canvas support the development of high-quality teachers? With Practice. It combines the most effective pedagogy for adult learners into a patented, four-step learning methodology featuring frequent practice, self assessment, peer feedback, and expert coaching. The road to more quality teachers is paved with Practice.


The stark reality of teacher attrition, and how to change it.

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Why Practice?

Well, because practice (and feedback and more practice) makes perfect.

Current PD falls short

Current PD Hard to Scale

Teachers Want More PD Options

Measuring the Impact of PD

Reducing Teacher Attrition

How Can You Bring Continuous Learning and Expert Coaching To ALL Your Teachers?

Fellow Educators Love Practice

Practice’s innovation has the potential to scale -- at low cost -- the ability for teachers to collaboratively learn from each other by viewing, analyzing and critiquing novice and master teachers’ skills in an asynchronous, online format that significantly decreases the need for time-consuming in-person professional development.

Practice can provide relevant, high-quality, school-based professional development without requiring an enormous time commitment from our already over-committed teachers and administrators.

— William R. Hite

School District of Philadelphia

Practice’s platform, in addition to providing teachers a medium to practice their skills, distributes the work of mentoring. In essence it “crowdsources” mentors. In doing so, Practice multiplies the opportunities for high order apprenticeship learning that previously depended on non-scalable, face-to-face interactions.

Although a majority of states require induction/mentoring programs for new teachers, a traditional mentorship is costly and thus not done often or done superficially. Providing a way to scale mentorships can increase the number and persistence of quality teachers in the classroom.

— Jonah Rockoff

Columbia University

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