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MasteryConnect Assessment

Ensure assessment data is used at every level, from the district office to the individual classroom, with easy-to-use tools and integrated reporting that delivers the right data when you need it. After all, assessment is only valuable if you can use it to immediately improve teaching and learning.

Formative Assessment

Create and launch standards-aligned formative assessments to get instant insights into what your students know and don’t know, so you can target interventions and adjust instruction in the moment. Embedded grading tools save you time however you choose to assess—online, paper-pencil, performance, or rubric. It’s up to you.

Benchmark Assessment

Easily create benchmarks using item authoring tools or integrated item banks for teachers to deliver and score in the classroom. Set proficiency targets, measure growth, and incorporate benchmark data into the formative process.

Curriculum Mapping

Map standards along with scope and sequence across the district with a common set of guaranteed, reliable curriculum and assessment resources. Update and deploy maps in a snap and save time by building on them year after year.

Teacher Collaboration

Fuel PLCs or data teams with collaborative tools like common-assessment tools and comparison reports to gain insight into best practices, learning trends, and instructional approaches. Teachers can also have more meaningful discussion around data, allowing them to evaluate their own practice to better promote student growth.

Online Community

Join an online community of over 250,000 educators who are sharing standards-aligned resources and assessments. Search by grade, subject, and standard, then use familiar pinning tools to save resources to use in your own classroom.


MasteryConnect plays nice with your SIS, LMS, and other systems, so you get the data where, when, and how you need it. When you pair MasteryConnect with Canvas LMS, you get single sign-on and automatic data passback, so teachers can launch formative or benchmark assessments directly from the Canvas interface.

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