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Canvas Studio

The next-generation, interactive approach to video learning that turns one-way, passive video into an engaging, collaborative experience.

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Interactive Video Platform That Specializes In Student Engagement

Video doesn't have to create passive zombies. It can spark dynamic discussion and electric engagement. Canvas Studio engages and empowers learners to collaborate and interact with the content by allowing them to share, comment, and give feedback all within the video timelines. Dynamic video creates opportunities to make learning more active, providing a platform for students who might otherwise be passive and non-participatory in class, to interact and participate.

Video Quizzing. Quizzes About Videos. Videos About Quizzes. Quizzing In Videos. And More!

Why wait until later to quiz students? Canvas Studio lets you assess what students know by creating a quiz right there within your video. Choose from a variety of question types and add them along the video timeline for students to answer as they watch. Once they're done, students get immediate feedback on how well (or, perish the thought, how poorly) they did. And their performance data transfers directly to the Canvas Gradebook.

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Feedback and Grading Within The Video And Without The Headaches

Students can create and submit their own video for any assigned project. Teachers then watch submitted videos and can make inline comments as they go through. And, because it's all part of Canvas, you can still use SpeedGrader functionality to provide targeted feedback.

Analytics and Insights

Teachers have access to useful analytics and insights, giving them information on how well or how videos are being viewed. They can see who is watching the video and where they’re dropping off. Teachers can see overall class data or click on a student and see individual viewing info. This gives teachers valuable info on how to engage with students further when challenges do come up.

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Accessibility is Essential For Every Learner

Instructional material must be accessible to all students, and that includes video. So if teachers are using video in the classroom, captioning is anything but optional. Canvas Studio has an accurate, easy-to-use, automated captioning system that lets you quickly add captions to any/all of your videos, making video content more accessible. Choose the language (24 available languages currently) and then our built-in captioning engine will start cranking and produce your request in a few minutes. Video already captioned? No problem, overachiever, you can upload your captions as well.