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Level Up
Your LMS


Is your LMS holding you back? Maybe it's time to hit the reset button. Stop trying to fix your existing tech and get back to focusing on Student Achievement. Stop settling. Start Conquering. Level up to Canvas.


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Take Control of the Game with Canvas

people bubbles COMMUNITY
Join the Canvas Tribe

Thousands of users around the world rely on Canvas every day. Become part of a global online community that is sharing, collaborating, and shaping Canvas—co-op style

support SUPPORT
Walkthrough Support

Customer support shouldn’t feel like an epic boss battle. Access our legendary help team anytime, plus take advantage of learning summits, events, and a helpful global user community.

Big Time Student Smarts

Leverage the experience and collective knowledge of 3,000 universities, school districts, and institutions around the world to gain insights and best practices for both Teachers and Students.

man speaking COMMUNICATION
Listen. And Be Heard.

Offer students and faculty a new level of communication and collaboration. Easy to use and highly accessible, Canvas LMS opens new avenues for teaching and learning.

The online Canvas community. Nearly 500,000 strong.


An LMS that pushes all the right buttons

lightbulb Easy

Integrates with existing Student Information Systems

tablet Mobile

Take learning on the go with the highly rated mobile app

floppy disc Adopted

It has been proven that students will actually use Canvas

glass Scalable

Can scale to fit needs, providing efficiency and cost savings

heart Personal

Enables a more personalized, 1:1 educational experience

redo K20 lifecycle

Students will use it now—and in college

Unlock New Potential

Creating a Community of Support at Santa Ana

Learn how Santa Ana Unified School District uses Canvas LMS to power up learning.


It's game over for the competition.

Pull the plug on your old LMS and level up with Canvas. It delivers a wicked combo of usability, expertise, and community that takes learning to the next level. When it comes to creating a more seamless educational experience for your students and faculty, using Canvas is like playing with special codes.

Are you ready? Begin!