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How to Choose an Assessment Management System that Supports Student Growth this Fall Growth and Beyond

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Assessment is More Important than Ever

School closures and end-of-year assessment cancellations have left teachers with the challenge of identifying how much students actually learned during the spring of 2020. With 25% of the previous year’s content being delivered remotely, educators will begin the new school year with little to no student performance data to inform instruction. These challenges paired with the overwhelming need to personalize learning requires a strong assessment strategy and the AMS support it. 

Use this guide to:

  • Learn how an AMS can support student grown and personalize learning
  • Review fiver key considerations for AMS evaluation
  • See how MasteryConnect supports data-driven instruction, increases teacher collaboration, and strengthens professional learning communities

Download this guide and learn five key considerations for AMS evaluation and how MasteryConnect can support your assessment strategy.