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Instructional Continuity and Equitable Access Begin with a Full-Fledged LMS

Using CARES Act funds to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction for in-class and remote learning.

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Rethinking K‒12 Education

K-12 education has experienced unprecedented disruption with the sudden transition to fully remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The closures of schools revealed the clear need for every learning agency to have a reliable, full-fledged learning management system in order to maintain instructional continuity.

When planning for the future, the challenges are not new, but they are now certainly magnified: How can districts provide equitable access to personalized learning for every student, every day? How can districts guarantee high-quality content and instruction, at scale, to their in-class and remote learners? And, perhaps the newest of challenges, how can teachers provide their remote learners with a consistent, familiar learning environment that will extend outside the walls of the physical classroom?

An Equitable Foundation for Digital Learning

An LMS provides the needed digital foundation for learning, whether students are in face-to-face, blended, or remote environments. Investing in an LMS and promoting consistent usage now ensures a smoother transition for teachers and students when the unexpected occurs.

Integration and Reliability

Customize a learning environment that's right for your teachers and students by integrating preferred teaching and learning tools—such as G Suite, Microsoft Teams, Adobe, and many more—through the Canvas API into one centralized hub. Provide a consistent, familiar “digital classroom” that is available whenever, wherever students are ready to learn with the industry’s best reliability.

High-Quality Curriculum and Instruction

Guarantee students have access to high-quality curriculum and differentiated instruction. Using Blueprints, push a curriculum to Canvas courses throughout the district. Create differentiated learning pathways at scale with MasteryPaths so each student receives the content and instruction appropriate to their level of understanding. Use discussion forums and video conferencing to maintain the human aspect of the classroom experience.

Mobility and Security

Keep everyone connected with the native Canvas apps for the teacher, student, and parent. Engage with students when and where their schedule allows through the top-rated app that boasts the best-in-class data security. Save teachers time with the Teacher App and SpeedGrader feature.