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Instructional Continuity and Equitable Access Begin with a Full-Fledged LMS

Use stimulus funds to create an equitable foundation for learning.

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Rethinking K‒12 Education

The sudden transition to fully remote learning revealed the clear need for every learning agency to have a reliable, full-featured learning management system in order to maintain instructional continuity and provide equitable learning experiences for all students. No matter how or where learning happens—in fully remote, blended, or face-to-face environments—a familiar digital classroom supports the delivery of high-quality content and instruction, allowing teachers to better meet individual student needs and address learning loss. Additionally, investing in an LMS and promoting consistent usage now ensures a smoother transition as students progress in their education and when the unexpected occurs. 

The challenges K12 faces now are not new, but they are certainly magnified: 

  • How can districts provide equitable access to personalized learning for every student, every day? 
  • How can districts guarantee high-quality content and instruction, at scale, for their in-class and remote learners? 
  • How can teachers provide learners with a consistent, digital learning environment that will extend outside the walls of the physical classroom? 

What to Look For in an LMS

An LMS provides the needed digital foundation for learning, whether students are in face-to-face, blended, or remote environments. Investing in an LMS and promoting consistent usage now ensures a smoother transition for teachers and students when the unexpected occurs.

Simplicity and Self-Service Reports

Achieve unparalleled adoption by teachers and students with industry-leading usability and seamless integrations with best-of-breed third-party tools, complete with single sign-on. Gain insights into student engagement, performance, and course activity to support student success through dynamic access to data.

Communication and Flexible Assessment 

Enable compelling course content and promote deep interaction through discussions and video conferencing to keep students engaged and on track. Promote mastery of learning goals and demonstration of their skills through connected assessment and dynamic content that meets students where they are. 

Mobility, Reliability & Security

Ensure all students, teachers, and parents have access to quality content from anywhere on any device with native mobile apps. Benefit from 99.99% uptime, automatic updates, industry-leading data security, and software that grows to meet evolving needs.