Spark Lifelong Achievement With K–12 Software

The Canvas learning platform improves student achievement. It's a bold statement, but we have the "hows"to back it up: By enabling the best teaching practices (the ones proven to make a difference) and scaling these practices across the district, Canvas improves learning and increases achievement for every student, every day.

“It’s a system that really focuses on the student.”

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Equitable Access to Greatness

Education is the master key. The golden ticket. The major opportunity maker. No matter where they come from, where they sit in class, or what they go home to, every student deserves access to a great education. The Canvas learning platform helps districts make that possible.

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Personalized Learning for Personalized Progress

Teachers don't need eight arms and 23 waking hours to provide individualized instruction for each student. They just need Canvas. Canvas lets teachers set individual learning pathways based on performance. It provides real-time student data that teachers can apply to their instruction. And it offers multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery—because everyone learns in different ways, places, and paces.

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Assessment That Actually Improves Learning

What if assessment amounted to more than a static report card? What if it were a positive feedback loop? In Canvas, assessments don’t just measure student performance—they provide a means for improving learning itself. By using the assessments tool in Canvas, teachers can quickly identify gaps and then easily adjust their instruction to help more students succeed.

An Awesome Student Experience

Canvas gives students a space to move and grow, from passive consumers of educational material to active learners and creators. The Canvas learning platform's intuitive interface, frustration-free user experience, and anytime, anywhere mobility give students the kind of seamless tech experience they want (and, let's be honest, demand).

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Effective & Scalable Professional Learning

Every student deserves a great teacher. And continuous learning and development is what makes good teachers great. Canvas helps you scale professional learning across your district, giving every teacher more (and better) opportunities to grow.

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Bring On The Awesome

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