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AWS Educate and Canvas: Helping Educators Prepare Students for the Jobs of the Future

65% of today’s primary school children will work in jobs that don’t exist today.  Through AWS Educate, students and educators have access to learning content, hands-on authentic labs, and assignments in areas ranging from big data and analytics, to software development—all designed to prepare students for a future in the growing digital workforce.  

To better help educators and students get ready, AWS Educate and Canvas have teamed up to provide easy access to cloud-based learning content directly within your LMS.  

Ryan Lufkin

Ryan Lufkin

Senior Director of Higher Education Product Marketing; Instructure

Mike Bryant

Mike Bryant

Faculty Community Manager; AWS Educate

Robert Bunge

Robert Bunge

Faculty Coordinator for IT, North Seattle College

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Take Your Classroom to the Cloud

Mike Bryant, Faculty Community Manager at AWS Educate and Ryan Lufkin, Senior Director of Higher Education Product Marketing with Canvas, discuss with Robert Bunge, Faculty Coordinator for IT at North Seattle College his experience leveraging AWS activities, labs, and projects directly within their Canvas courses.  

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This webcast covers five key questions educators might have before incorporating cloud-computing skills into their courses:

  • Where do I find content to use in my class?
  • What templates should I select when creating My Classroom?
  • What’s the right pathway for my students to join AWS Educate?
  • How do I get AWS credits for my students to use AWS services at no cost?
  • What other support does AWS Educate provide for educators and students?

Watch to learn more about how educators can leverage AWS Educate to create hands-on learning experiences for students both on and off campus.