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On-Demand Webinar

From Department to Institution: Redefining the Assessment Process.

If educators have learned anything from the transition to online learnings, it’s that what happens in the classroom does not entirely define a student’s education. As you plan for the challenges of next year, it’s important to establish an assessment plan for your institution that will provide meaning insight into learning outcomes at every level. Access the webinar to see how educators at Simpson College are using Portfolium to track and measure learning at the course, program and institutional level. 

Ross Sweet

Ross Sweet

Assistant Professor of Mathematics; Simpson University

Kate Lerseth

Kate Lerseth

Professor of Teacher Education; Simpson University

Access the Webinar.

Track and Measure Learning at Every Level

Hear key insights from two educators as they discuss the obstacles faced at Simpson College, and how Portfolium helped establish a meaningful and informative assessment process. Drawing on these insights, they’ll share implementation strategies that will help you better understand how to: 

  • Educate department teams about the importance of assessment
  • Simplify the assessment process for faculty buy-in
  • Streamline data analysis to improve the learning process and bridge gaps in SLO turnover

Enjoy this opportunity to hear from these dynamic educators about how they used Portfolium to support learning beyond the classroom and strengthen assessment at scale.