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Security and Reliability FTW

To us, FTW means "for the win" but also "forget the worry." Canvas isn't just reliable and worry-free—it's the most secure LMS with the best uptime in the world (99.9% guaranteed). But there’s more to reliability than just amazing uptime, Canvas delivers unparalleled innovation, security, and maintenance through the power of the cloud. But you don’t have to take our word that our security and uptime are the best, because we share our uptime status online and we’re the only LMS provider who publishes annual open security audits. Feel That Wonderfulness!

Why “Born in the Cloud” Matters

Canvas's multi-tenant architecture takes advantage of Amazon Web Services to provide automated provisioning under heavy load, data redundancy and failover across geographies, and hands-free updates requiring no downtime. In short, Canvas is worry free, so you can focus less on administrating the LMS and more on finding cool ways to improve the educational experience.

Here’s a non-comprehensive list of the things you won’t have to worry about when you implement Canvas:

  • Buying, setting up, and maintaining server hardware or software
  • Devoting valuable IT staff to maintaining your LMS
  • Ensuring constant security
  • Backing up data
  • Applying updates and patches
  • Fending off vampires (You shouldn't worry about them anyway, but maybe the awesomeness of Canvas can distract you from your unfounded supernatural worries.)

Many hosted solutions make claims about eliminating these pain points, but when it comes right down to their software, they simply can’t claim to be ‘Born in the cloud.” (Cue the iconic keyboards and drums of Springsteen's 80's hit. And add two syllables to the word cloud.)

How Secure Is Canvas?

Where to start? Well, Canvas is entirely SSL-protected. Its hosting is world-class secure on AWS. We follow rigorous QA and secure coding practices. Our code is released open source. And we engage in internal and external scanning and auditing. We're also the only LMS to commit to an annual, open security audit. And, as a native cloud solution, all users get security patches and updates ASAP. Our commitment to the security of your data also means it’s a snap to recover your data if you should face any series of unfortunate events. That's how secure Canvas is.