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Open For Innovation (Starting With Integrations)

Canvas is built for adaptability. Part of that means making third-party integrations simple. Canvas supports data interactions via our open API, which gives institutions a common entry point to Canvas for integration with SIS, data gathering, custom applications, and other processes. And that means Canvas (and, by extension, your institution) can always be on the forefront of technology by allowing you to easily choose new tools, seamlessly plug them in, and remove outdated tools (insert grandpa/dinosaur/wooden underwear reference here).


Google + Canvas = Better Together

Canvas is now supported by Google. See how this partnership is elevating teaching and learning.

Learn more about this dynamic integration and how to use it in your Canvas account.

Use Better Tools. And Use Tools Better.

It's not just the tools, it's how you use them. For instance, our communication features offer more than just an email inbox; we provide users with a global notifications panel that lets them choose both how they’d like to receive information (via email, text message, or push notification) and when (instantly, daily, weekly, never, etc.). So, rather than requiring students to log in to the LMS, our full range of modern web tools can bring the message to the student through their preferred channels of communication. And that's just one example of using tools better.

API for Smart Institutions

Canvas's open API is a web service that gives institutions reliable and flexible access to Canvas data. Our API supports data interactions based on a user's role and permissions within various contexts, say, a course, a department, or an institution. This approach provides a secure and consistent entry point to Canvas data and endpoints for purposes such as integration with SIS, posting updates to campus portals, automating reports, gathering data on courses or interactions, creating custom tools and apps, and other institutional or educational processes.

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An LTI that's LIT (we think that's what students are saying these days)

API is awesome but, on its own, might not be enough for your school's customization of Canvas. Another way to extend Canvas is via Learning Tools Interoperability. Canvas supports the latest version of LTI—LTI Advantage—which is quickly becoming the new standard for integrating your tools (whatever those tools may be) in other systems.

Learn more about LTI