Learning-Centered Learning (With An Assist From Tech)

Interactive video, peer-to-peer engagement, personalized learning, and more of the best education technology — all transform the learning experience.


Canvas is like the Avengers of learning platforms—so many amazing superpowers in one place, all helping to make teaching and learning easier while enabling faculty to teach the way today's students want to learn.

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Canvas: Where The Best Education Technology Meets The Best Support

...meets the best teaching and learning meets the best teachers and learners. (Below you'll find the more technical side for those of you technically-inclined types.)


Our open platform helps teachers try new things and promotes a spirit of learning innovation across your institution with a vibrant ecosystem of third-party tools.


Canvas provides an industry-best, guaranteed 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) to all customers. We'd say more, but we already said industry-best and guaranteed, so...


Extend the power of the LMS to your heart's content because Canvas enables a broad set of integrations. Why limit your institution to what the LMS provider can think of?


Ready to work with you every step of the way, Canvas offers more support for you LMS rollout and user adoption strategy than any other provider.

Bring On The Awesome

See why over 30% of higher education institutions in North America trust Canvas