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Easy to use. Easy to love. Easy to use even more.

Canvas is easy to use for everyone—new to online and blended learning, or experienced and ready to kick learning into overdrive.

Whatever your next step is, Canvas is easy-to-use (and powerful and flexible enough) so you can take that next step. Or leap. Or flying leap.

Can Your LMS Be Too Easy?

Short answer: no. Long answer: still no.

Canvas is the fastest growing LMS in the world—and gets adopted fastest and deepest—for many reasons, but the one that consistently sticks out? Faculty and students just like using Canvas. Which means they use it more. And they engage. And they learn. If that seems overly simple, maybe you're underestimating the power of easy.

Modern Learners Need Modern Teaching

Integrated video and multimedia allow faculty to teach in ways only dreamed of a decade ago.

Whether faculty want to stick with the dry-erase basics or give Steven Spielberg a run for his money, Canvas supports a full array of interactive media. Canvas was designed to help instructors easily, instinctively push the boundaries of teaching and learning, while also better engaging and connecting with students.

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You Can Take It With You.

Learning shouldn't stop just because class is dismissed. Mobile/online learning makes sure it doesn't.

Students can now stay connected with messages, grades, and progress via the Canvas mobile app. They can turn in assignments, communicate with faculty and peers, and stay up to date on all the course work. The Canvas Student Mobile App is designed to keep them in the loop wherever they are.

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