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With Canvas, Student Engagement = Student Success

Students' learning and success are inextricably connected to their engagement. That's a big reason why Canvas has interactive tools they can access anytime, anywhere, so Canvas can better connect your students as a learning (and engaging and succeeding) management system.

Student Success

Developed by college students who struggled with (hated?) their clunky, outdated LMS, Canvas has had student success at its heart since the very beginning. Robust course analytics help identify at-risk students at the first sign of trouble and engage them in meaningful ways to keep them on course. For us, student success isn't a buzzword; it's a mandate and a promise.

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Ease of Use

Can your LMS be too easy? Short answer: no. Long answer: still no. Canvas was built to be easy for everyone, anytime, anywhere, yet powerful enough to help everyone save time by focusing more on learning and less on technology. The perfect ratio of easy-to-powerful increases LMS usage, which leaves you to wonder, "which came first: the ease or the use?"

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