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Canvas: The Home of Student Success

If your LMS isn't improving learning, what exactly is it doing? From day one, Canvas has incorporated the input of faculty and students, because it's our mission to make teaching and learning easier.

Why Limit Teaching & Learning to the Classroom?

Anytime. Anywhere. Canvas mobile extends teaching and learning beyond the classroom.

The Canvas Student and Faculty apps untether faculty and learners, so they can engage wherever and whenever they want. Submit an assignment while relaxing in a hammock? Grade quizzes on the beach? No problem (also: sounds amazing). Canvas is breaking down barriers to learning, simply and reliably doing what you need it to do, and getting out of the way. Everyday. Anytime. Anywhere.

Better Communication: What Doesn't It Help?

(Answer: nothing. It helps absolutely everything, especially teaching and learning.)

Studies show that collaborative learning has a huge impact on student success. Canvas provides the tools to help build a robust community outside the physical classroom. It facilitates easy communication between faculty and students, as well as student to student.

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It's Like Moneyball for Student Success

Easy-to-use analytics help identify students who may need more help and attention.

Canvas Analytics provides key stakeholders—including instructors, admins, students, and even parents for K–12—easy-to-read, actionable information on the progress and success of students, programs, and institutions. Analytics adds personalized user dashboards that track performance. Students can check their own progress. Teachers can monitor their classes. Administrators can analyze programs. And all data can be easily exported through the API for custom data crunching.